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In 1967, the day after recording their first single, "Fiori e Colori", for Milan 's CAR Juke Box label (having been rejected by EMI ), Rebeschini left for the military. He was quickly replaced by Michi Dei Rossi of the dissolved Hopopi . The following year, their second single, "Senti l'estate che torna", was chosen to participate in Un disco per l'estate , a televised music competition organised by the Italian Phonographic Association and RAI . [3] It was at this time that Tony Pagliuca (formerly of Hopopi and Delfini ) joined the group on keyboards. Later in the same year, the band began recording its first album, Ad gloriam , to be released in 1969. The title track, was sampled by Irish DJ David Holmes for his 2000 album Bow Down to the Exit Sign , under the name "69 Police". It was then re-used in the Oceans Eleven soundtrack, where it features prominently in the final scene. Soon Galieti left for the military as well, leaving Tagliapietra to cover on bass guitar. Not long later Smeraldi left as well, leaving the trio that would be at the core of the band for its most successful era. An evolution in their sound towards more richness and complexity can already be heard in a non-album single the band would publish in 1970, "Il Profumo delle Viole / I Ricordi PiĆ¹ Belli".

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